Luke Gustafson, Senior Policy Advisor

Luke Gustafson currently serves as Senior Policy Advisor to Leader Johnson and has worked in a variety of roles for Senator Johnson over the last 11 years.  In 2008, Luke interned for the Senator after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Tennessee.

In 2009 he joined Senator Johnson’s full-time staff as his Legislative Assistant before becoming the Research Analyst for the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee in 2011.

Prior to joining the Leader’s staff, Luke interned for former United States Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist as well a Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale.  In the fall of 2008 he served as a Regional Field Director for the College Republican National Committee in Washington, D.C. where he supervised a field staff of 30 field representatives throughout the country supporting the late Senator John McCain’s bid for President of the United States.

In his role as Leader Johnson’s Senior Policy Advisor, Luke is the staff member in charge of the Leader’s legislation and the Governor’s legislative agenda in the Senate, and advises the Leader on the wide-ranging policies that may come before him in the Senate.

In 2014 he was named as one of Nashville’s Top 30 Under 30, and in 2018 he was appointed by Lt. Governor McNally to serve as a staff vice chair for the NCSL Communications, Financial Services and interstate Commerce Committee.  Luke currently resides in Davidson County with his wife and son.

Hunter Shults,
Executive Assistant for Policy and Research

Hunter Shults serves as Executive Assistant for Policy and Research for Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson.  In this role, he plays a large role in helping formulate and coordinate legislation dealing with a variety of important and complex issues.  Hunter is primarily responsible for providing Members of the Senate support, research, and advice regarding the Governor’s legislative agenda in the Senate.

Hunter previously served as Policy Advisor to Tennessee House Assistant Majority Leader Ron Gant and served in a number of other roles in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

Taylor Blackwell,
Legislative Assistant

Taylor Blackwell serves as the Legislative Assistant for Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson. In this role, she works directly with constituents to help with any legislative inquires in addition to being his main scheduler.

In January of 2021, she interned for Leader Johnson while earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Belmont University.  In July of that year she joined the Leader’s staff full time as his Legislative Assistant.

Taylor, a former native of northeastern Missouri, now calls Nashville home and enjoys city living with her dog, Piper.