Bruce Hull honored for service during final meeting as vice mayor

Standing with his family, Vice Mayor Bruce Hull is honored by city leaders during Monday night’s meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
– by Alexander Willis

FROM: Spring Hill Homepage


Gathered together at the Spring Hill Public Library, Vice Mayor Bruce Hull was honored Monday by his colleagues, friends and family in what would be his final city meeting as vice mayor.

With everyone gathered in a circle around a room at the library, Mayor Rick Graham pulled out a plaque for Hull, and proceeded to say a few words.

“Bruce has been a rock on this board for me for 12 years now,” Mayor Rick Graham said. “One thing about Bruce is he’s been a rock as far as common sense, sensibility and doing the right thing, so I could always count on him. Looking at his family… serving the city is so taxing on families too – people forget that. So thank each of you for all the time you’ve sacrificed and lost your dad and your husband.”

One by one, Hull’s other colleagues said their own thanks Hull, thanking him for his steady and strong demeanor, as well as his friendship.

“I really do appreciate the friendship we’ve got,” said City Administrator Victor Lay. “When I came in in 2009, you had already been an alderman for a couple years at that point, and you, Amy and Rick are the only three left of the board that ended up hiring me and bringing me in, and we’ve just had a great friendship the whole time. Godspeed to you brother.”

“I just want to thank you for being the voice of reason,” said Alderman Amy Wurth. “I think many of us had gotten a lot of value in what you brought to the table. You always worked hard, you always worked to the end of the line as far as you could to get something done, and you had a great impact. I know you’ve been a good friend of mine, and I’m going to miss you terribly.”

Hull joined the city’s ranks as an alderman in 2007 alongside Graham, and has made public in the past after being reelected in 2015 that that would be his final term. When asked what his single favorite thing about serving as the city’s vice mayor was, Hull was quick to say it was the relationships his built.

“Everything in life is relationships, whether it’s in your personal life, your business life, public service… everything hinges on relationships,” Hull said. “I’ve told my colleagues at times that that person that you’re so mad at right now, don’t let it fracture your relationship because you’re going to need them next week when something that’s important to you comes up.”

In his private life, Hull has owned and run a home inspection business for 15 years, and says his future lies with dedicating himself fully to that venture.

“I’m going to put 100 percent of my time in my business,” Hull said. “I’ve never done that, so we’ll see where that takes me.”

Later that night, Hull would be honored again during the city meeting in a more public fashion, where Graham would hand over the gavel to Hull to allow him to run his last meeting.

Hull will continue to serve as the city’s vice mayor until the new aldermen are sworn in in May, afterwhich the board will elect a new vice mayor.

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